DSOTPE Project

This project has the goal to create a group of people that will be the Dyntra Social Observers of Transparency and Public Ethics in their region


Control compliance with Transparency obligations: Active advertising
Control compliance with Transparency obligations: RTI
Randomly control public procurement processes or at the request of a party.
Interlocution before Governments and AAPP of the province.
Verify Dyntra indicators and keep them updated
Interlocution before MMCC
Interlocution before provincial parties, unions and organizations of the SC
Interlocution before large companies, foundations and NGOs
Interlocution before Federations and Sports Clubs.
Interlocution before Universities
Fundraising and Resources in the Province


Accept and comply with the Dyntra code of ethics.
Training with Observer, Verifier and Transparency Evaluator
Maintain political independence.
Obtain Dyntra certification for observers and renew it annually


Graduates or Engineers
Training or knowledge in Social and Legal Sciences
Experience in Social Volunteering
Leadership and communication skills.

DCP Project

The Dyntra Collaboration Program (DCP) is a specific program that Dyntra has created to allow a certain group of organisations to be able to take advantage of the Dyntra platform to evaluate the transparency of a certain group of entities, in the 1st place municipalities, with no investment at all for the 1st index.

Projects: ANEEJ, CERC, Reclaim New York, Social Justice